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RuckRaft® Neon Orange (Raft Only)

RuckRaft® Neon Orange (Raft Only)

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"For the price of a night in a hotel, a whole new world of adventure opens up"

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Raft and tow leash only - Dry Bag available separately. 

The Raft is only available separately in high visibility orange to maximise your safety in the water when combined with your other gear and waterproof pack.

The RuckRaft® is a simple, portable bit of kit to transform all your gear into a raft you can easily tow while swimming. It is light, tough, practical and all designed, tested and made in the UK exclusively by AboveBelow®.

We have made a few design tweaks for RR2 including bigger tabs for the straps so that each strap can comfortably stand up to 35kg of force (5 stone). There is an extra 20cm to the vertical strap to support larger volume loads and a neoprene strip for secure seal on the dry bag.

Built from tough, marine grade materials with dependable YKK clips and solid webbing, the RuckRaft® is built to withstand the elements. We don’t use zips – they are always the first thing to degrade, especially around salt water, sand, grit etc.

And it all packs down into a small, 1Kg package to fit easily into any day sack, ensuring you can take it wherever your adventures lead you.


The raft is constructed using a tough TPU coated Nylon fabric by Rivertex®. Lightweight with high tear strength and ISO 12402-7 approved, the fabric has been designed to offer unrivalled strength and durability for when performance matters.


With high frequency welded seams, the RuckRaft® inflates in 30 seconds via two-way valve. No zips to go wrong, no stitched seams and no leaks.

The RuckRaft® comes with a polyester tow leash that can be attached around your waist or ankle – we chose polyester as it does not absorb water and so retains strength when wet. When fully extended, the leash is 210cm long. The flexible waist means it should fit all sizes.


The RuckRaft® has buoyancy to support a full 70L, 15kg three day expedition pack and packs down to a lightweight 1kg package that is 25cm wide, 12.5cm diameter (the size of a rolled up beach towel with trunks in).

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